Prairie View A&M Marching Storm Performs In NYC

The band has been in New York City since Monday preparing for the celebration

Tim Zachery is the head band director for Prairie View A&M, he says the Marching Storm is no stranger to big audiences.

“We’ve done the Super Bowl Parade, the Super Bowl halftime show in the 2000s, done the Rose Bowl parade, so the next logical thing would be Macy’s parade,” he says

But that doesn’t mean it was easy to secure a spot.

“Videos, basically a dossier or a resume for the band for the  past decade,” Zachery says. “They want to see you in live performances as well as some of the parades that you’ve been in, so it’s quite extensive.”

Zachery says in order to prepare for the performance in New York, fundraising was the first step then modifying their elaborate marching routine.

“ We’re accustomed to doing seven minute shows, 12 minute shows and just having to I guess diminish that down into a minute and 15 seconds that in itself was a challenge,” he says.

You can catch the parade on NBC at 8 a.m.