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Google Releases Its ‘Intelligent’ Ear Buds And The Tech World Has Mixed Feelings About Them

Are the Google Pixel Buds a worthy competitor to the Apple Air Pods? How well does auto translate work?

  • Google pixel buds (Photo Credit: Google)
    Google pixel buds (Photo Credit: Google)
  • Apple air pods (Photo Credit: pixabay)
    Apple air pods (Photo Credit: pixabay)

Google has finally released their competitor to Apple’s Air Pods, the fully wireless bluetooth ear buds.

Google’s Pixel Buds are wireless ear buds that come fully integrated with Google assistant. They are not fully wireless as a cord connects the two buds.

The main new draw of this product is the auto translate. While wearing the device you are supposedly able to communicate with a person speaking a different language while translations are read back to you through the buds.

Watch The Verge’s review of the Pixel Buds below as they put the auto translate feature to the test.



Is the auto translate feature a game changer? It is hard to say, but one of the biggest strengths with Google are the constant updates/support to all their as well as the machine learning with Google assistant.

Google’s auto translate is definitely something that needs some time to reach its potential.

Check out below for some early reactions to Google’s Pixel Buds and the new auto translate feature.


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