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Expert Offers Tips On Handling Bullying At School And Work

Local bullying educator Donna Clark Love joins Houston Matters to discuss the latest teaching and philosophy on handling bullying in school and the workplace.


When you think of an old-school bully, you might imagine that big kid picking on a smaller kid and maybe even taking his lunch money. Nowadays, bullying is not just limited to those person-to-person interactions. Of course, it can happen online as well through social media. And so, these days, bullying can take on a variety of other forms that don't necessarily require physical contact.

And along with the problem of the bullies themselves, we also have to consider the victims of bullying and how they might react — whether they cause harm to others or themselves in the process.

To discuss the latest teaching and philosophy on how to handle bullying, we talk with local bullying educator Donna Clark Love.

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