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Houston Matters

Full Show: The Death Of The Alt Weekly, And The Science Of Creativity (Nov. 14, 2017)

On Tuesday’s Houston Matters: With news of the Houston Press ceasing print operations, we discuss the changing role of alt-weeklies. Then, we discuss the science of human creativity. And we learn about a new book featuring photos and stories of life in small-town Texas.



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On Tuesday’s Houston Matters: Harris County commissioners have approved another step for a controversial project tied to storm water detention along a portion of Buffalo Bayou. News 88.7’s Brien Straw tells us more. And experts say the vote is part of a bigger conversation about reducing future flooding. We get Jim Blackburn’s opinion on the project. He's co-director of Rice University's SSPEED Center.

Also this hour: Two weeks ago, Voice Media Group announced it would end print operations for the Houston Press, and it would become a digital-only service. The days of printing presses putting out hard copies of alternative weekly newspapers seem long over. If anything, it may have been a surprise that the Houston Press print edition continued as long as it did. We discuss what value — if any — weekly newspapers add to a metropolis like Houston.

Then: Cows don’t write symphonies. Dogs don’t build rockets to go to the moon. But humans do. So, what makes us so special — and so prolific at changing the world around us? We learn more from neuroscientist David Eagleman and Rice University professor and composer Anthony Brandt. Their new book is called The Runaway Species: How Human Creativity Remakes the World.

And we learn about a new book called Hometown Texas written by Joe Holley, Native Texan columnist for the Houston Chronicle (and frequent panelist on Houston Matters), with photography by Peter Brown.

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