Party Politics, National Edition Ep. 31: War On Opioid’s, Indictments And The New York Terrorist Attack, It’s Been A Busy Week!

“He’s got multiple passports, he travels all over, if this were a Jason Bourne movie Jay, you wouldn’t believe it” – Brandon Rottinghaus, co-host of Party Politics, on the lavish lifestyle of Paul Manafort, President Trump’s former campaign manager.

On this episode ofParty Politics,co-hostsJay AiyerandBrandon Rottinghausdeconstruct what this week’s political news means for you, starting with:

  • New York terrorist attack, eight dead
  • President Trump declaring war on Opioids

  • President Trump versus director Michael Moore
  • White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and what he thinks happened with the Civil War
And finally, Brandon and Jay get into what happened earlier this week when the Robert Mueller Russia investigation around the 2016 election started to make their first arrests. Remember we've also got a weekly Texas-centered episode, too that you can find on iTunes!

Party Politicsis produced byEdel Howlinand our audio engineer isTodd Hulslander.


This article is part of the Party Politics podcast

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