District Attorney Ogg’s Offices Spread Thin, Jury Trials Resume

“I’m not to defend the Criminal Justice Center. I would be happy to prosecute the Criminal Justice Center if it were a person.”

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg (first from the right) announced at a press conference that the grand jury selected for the John Hernandez case issued an indictment of murder for Terry and Shauna Thompson. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez (second from the right) also attended the press conference.

The Harris County court system, one of the busiest court systems is the nation, is still scrambling to get back to normal, after hurricane Harvey.

The flooding affected 40 courtrooms and holding cells for 900 inmates. Jury trials resumed just this week.

During a taping of Red, White, and Blue, District Attorney Kim Ogg says her offices have been spread to nine locations.

But, she says the biggest issue in providing a just system, is an outdated and inefficient criminal justice center.