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Full Show: White Oak Music Hall Lawsuit, And Astronaut Scott Kelly (Oct. 19,2017)

On Thursday’s Houston Matters: We get an update on the lawsuit over White Oak Music Hall. Then, former astronaut Scott Kelly talks about his experiences on the International Space Station. And former astronaut Leland Melvin talks about how a dropped pass in a high school football game led him to space.

On Thursday’s edition of Houston Matters:We told you last year about tensions between White Oak Music Hall and residents who live near it. A hearing regarding the lawsuit against the Near Northside music venue wrapped up earlier in downtown Houston. We get an update on the case fromCris Feldman, attorney for the plaintiffs in the case. And then we hear a response fromJohnny So, managing partner of White Oak Music Hall.

In March of 2016, astronaut Scott Kelly returned home to earth after spending nearly a full year aboard the International Space Station as part of an experiment studying the long-term effects on the human body ofliving in space. Now, Kelly has written a book about his time off in space called Endurance. Ahead of his appearance with Brazos Bookstore this weekend (Oct. 21), Joshua Zinn talks with Kelly about some of his experiences and his process of writing the book.

Plus:Astronaut Leland Melvintalks about how a dropped touchdown pass in a high school football game set him on a path that eventually took him to space. Melvin headlines the seventh-annual Tweens Read Book Festival on Saturday (Oct. 21).

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