‘Just A Piece Of Plastic’: Bump Stocks Thrust Tiny Texas Town In Spotlight After Las Vegas

Residents of Moran, Texas said they’re horrified by what happened in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean they think banning bump stocks and shutting down a local business would do much to stop mass shootings in the future

Slide Fire Solutions, Inc., makes bump stocks, which allows semi-automatic rifles to fire like automatic weapons. There are calls to ban bump stocks after a dozen such devices were found with the gunman who killed 58 people in Las Vegas.

A company in the tiny town of Moran, Texas is facing scrutiny for one of its main products after a gunman opened fire on Las Vegas concert-goers earlier this month.

The shooter had semi-automatic rifles fitted with bump stocks, which allowed him to rein down bullets on the crowd like he had fully automatic weapons.

Now, congressional leaders are considering regulating or banning bump stocks. That would be a hit to Moran, home to Slide Fire Solutions, a leading maker of the devices. Residents of the small town say it’s scapegoating one of its largest employers.

Moran, population 270, is a couple hours west of Fort Worth, 19 miles from the interstate up a winding country highway where bugs the size of hummingbirds thwack against the windshield.