WATCH: Astros Fans Rally Before Playoff Game Against Red Sox

Mayor Sylvester Turner, joined by Astros owner Jim Crane and a couple of players, told the crowd they’re “Houston Proud and Houston Strong.”

After what Houstonians endured during Harvey, the Astros playoff run might just be what the doctor ordered as the team celebrated in front of City Hall today.

Mayor Sylvester Turner thanked the team for its help in the aftermath of the floods.

“I know the Astros reached out and said, you know, ‘Mayor, should we come back and should we play really soon after the hurricane?’ And our sentiment was, you know, we needed something to cheer for.”

Pitcher Joe Musgrove realizes how important the Astros are to the city. 

“Being a hundred loss team to now winning 101 games, you know, it’s incredible. To see them go through what they went through — it’s such a resilient city and it makes you really proud to wear their name across your chest.”

When asked if the recovery from Harvey is on Musgrove’s mind as he’s playing he said it was. “It seemed like there was like a daze or like a glaze over everybody, you know. It was hard not to think about it non-stop. But you know, we know what we have right in front of us — these next 11 wins.”

Astros owner, Jim Crane, says the players have families and friends who were affected by Harvey. But, Crane feels that the patches on the team uniforms saying “Houston Strong” gives the team a little extra motivation.


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