Hurricane Harvey

Will Harris County Residents Vote On Flood Control Bond Next Year?

The county won’t raise taxes to pay for the recovery from Harvey, but Judge Ed Emmett is considering a bond election.

Unlike the city of Houston, Harris County isn’t considering a property tax increase to help pay for damage from flooding.

In fact, it will appraise homes based on their values after Harvey, which will most likely lower overall tax revenue.

So how to pay for the county’s recovery?

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said its contingency fund helps, “but when it comes to big capital improvements, like a new reservoir or more extensive buyouts, then that’s what we’re going to have to put all those numbers together and probably sometime next year go to the voters and say, if you want us to do the whole things, this is how much it’s going to cost.”

He said if voters approved such a bond, they could rest assured that it will be used for its actual purpose, because Harris County has a designated fund for flood control.

“I know people are always leery of any tax increases and bonds and say, well, but what is this really going to?” Emmett said. “Well, flood control is very specific for us.”

He said they’ll make a decision after assessing all damages and seeing whether state and federal funding could be available.


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