Hurricane Harvey

PHOTOS: Picking Up The Pieces In Harvey’s Aftermath

Karen Walrond’s Memorial Bend home was heavily damaged by floodwaters. She reflects on her family’s experience and the lessons she’s learned in a video essay scheduled to air Friday on the PBS NewsHour.

Karen Walrond's house in Memorial Bend was heavily damaged by floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey. Houston Public Media met up with Walrond, a photographer, author and leadership coach, in front of her home to film her for the PBS NewsHour as she reflected on her family’s experiences in the hurricane, and on the nature of help in a crisis.

Walrond’s video essay will be presented as a NewsHour "In My Humble Opinion" segment this Friday, Sept. 15.

Walrond and her husband evacuated their daughter to safety before Harvey hit. In the aftermath, she said, “We witnessed people using their gifts and their skills” to help others.

Walrond’s home was flooded with three feet of water, and it was not the only one: Every home on Walrond’s street near Beltway 8 and Memorial has been damaged. The family has found another home to stay in while they deal with their destroyed house and property, sort out insurance details — and plot a course forward.

The PBS NewsHour airs on KUHT TV 8 at 6 p.m.