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Houston Matters

Full Show: Renters’ Rights After Harvey, And Political Roundup (Sept. 13, 2017)

On Wednesday’s edition of Houston Matters: We discuss the rights of renters after Harvey. We engage in our weekly political roundup. And we talk about Houston’s rich Asian food heritage.


On Wednesday’s edition of Houston Matters: Many of those affected by recent flooding in Houston are renters, and plenty of them are left wondering what they do next. Some are being evicted while apartment complexes begin the task of cleaning up. Others are being asked to pay rent even though their home or apartment is uninhabitable. Richard Tomlinson helps us navigate these complicated legal questions. He's the director of litigation for Lone Star Legal Aid.

Also this hour: A Houstonian shares her experience dealing with recent flooding — but not in Houston. She was in India watching waters rise while simultaneously trying to keep tabs on her family's safety back home during Tropical Storm Harvey. Plus, we engage in our weekly political roundup with analysis of national, state, and local political stories with an eye to how it all might affect Houston and Texas. And we discuss Houston’s rich heritage of Asian food.

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