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Harvey Arts Recovery Fund Helps Artists Rebuild

A new effort is underway to raise money to support and strengthen the local arts community after Harvey.

When trying to recover from a disaster, individual artists and smaller arts groups can be particularly vulnerable.

“A lot of artists will find it easier to just relocate from a place that’s hit hard because resources are hard for them to tap into.”

That’s Shannon Buggs, Chief Commons Director of CultureWorks Greater Houston, which is on the steering committee of the newly-established Harvey Arts Recovery Fund, a collective effort by local non-profits to raise money to help the “little guys” impacted by Harvey within the 10-county Greater Houston arts community (including Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Brazoria, Galveston, Liberty, Waller, Chambers, Austin and San Jacinto counties).

Such individuals and groups, hit by flood damage and revenue lost from cancelled performances and fundraisers, can have a harder time bouncing back.

“Our cultural ecosystem will be greatly damaged if the smallest organizations and the mid-sized organizations aren’t able to continue to grow and support the entire ecosystem. We can’t just rely on the majors. So, it’s vitally important for the healing process, for the artist to be also made whole and able to stay here.”

Artists can request assistance for themselves or offer services to impacted groups, and the public can make donations, here.

Hear the complete interview with Shannon Buggs about the goals, needs-assessment, and workings of the Harvey Arts Recovery Fund below:


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