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Houston Matters

Full Show: Home Repair After Harvey, And What’s Next In The Abortion Wars (Sept. 7, 2017)

On Thursday’s Houston Matters: We get advice for flooded homeowners on home inspection and repair. And we learn about the latest Texas abortion regulation and discuss what the state might try to enact next.


On Thursday’s edition of Houston Matters: Now that floodwaters have receded in large portions of Greater Houston, questions of rebuilding are probably high on people's minds as they return to water-damaged homes.

To cover questions related to inspection, maintenance, and repair, we talk with Dan Bawden, president of Legal Eagle Contractors and a member of the Greater Houston Builders Association.

Also this hour: Texas women will now have to pay an extra insurance premium in order to get a non-emergency abortion. That's because of House Bill 214, which Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law on Aug. 15. What have other states done on this long battle over abortion regulation that Texas might adopt next?

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