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Houston Matters

How Are Local, State, And National Officials Handling Harvey Aftermath?

State and federal officials are coordinating with local emergency management teams to organize the logistics for rescue and relief efforts for Greater Houston and Texas. How are they handling this monumental task?


Pres. Trump arrives in Texas to show support and thanked government officials and emergency response leaders.
Throughout the last week, area leaders have been working together to keep Houstonians informed about storms, flooding, rescue and relief. While most of us have been focused on what local mayors and county judges have been saying and doing, they're not the only political voices being heard.
State and federal officials have also been engaged, including area members of Congress, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, federal emergency management officials, and President Donald Trump, who visited other areas of Texas on Tuesday.
To discuss how well all those various officials have performed their duties, and – hopefully – worked together, we're joined now by Jeremi Suri from UT Austin's Department of History, and Texas Southern University political scientist Jay Aiyer, who also co-hosts Houston Public Media's Party Politics podcast.

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