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Hurricane Harvey

Texans Evacuate Hours Before Harvey’s Arrival

The state has provided evacuation routes and San Antonio prepares to receive coastal evacuees.


Evacuations are being issued across multiple Texas Counties ahead of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall.

Citizens are boarding up their homes in businesses, as well as gassing up for what may be a long time on the road.

The City of San Antonio and Bexar County are preparing for hurricane Harvey, in an effort to provide assistance to any evacuees. The city and county activated its Emergency Operations Center Thursday as the threat from Harvey grew.

Hurricane lanes on Interstate 37 between Corpus Christi and San Antonio are now open and its possible contraflow, where both sides of the highway move in one direction, could be activated.

The Texas Department of Transportation has released maps of evacuations routes across the state, and will continue to update as the storm advances.

You can find a list of current evacuation orders here.