UH Dorms Are Filling Back Up Before Classes Begin

At the University of Houston new arrivals are accompanied by their parents, trying to navigate the introduction to college life.

Music is blasting on a speaker outside of Cougar Village dorms.

It’s to get freshman excited while volunteers help them move in.

Christopher Caldwell is in charge of making sure that process goes seamlessly.

“I’ve garnered volunteers for the building during our three days of move-in,” Caldwell says.  “They come in and help students unload their cars, get into the building, get comfortable.”

Caldwell says although it’s an exciting time, parents can be a little wary.

I talked to Sarah Pham whose first child, Alexander is leaving the nest.

“We are really excited, but also the normal parent kind of feeling, overwhelmed and things like that. Just a little bit of worry,” Pham says.

She wanted to help get him situated.

“I think for me getting him used to the maps, the locations of the campuses, how far his walks were, and making sure he’s eating and doing things like that,” she says.

Alexander’s dorm is fully furnished, so there is only one element he’s unsure of.

“Trying to cope with my roommate, don’t know who he is,” he says. “I’m curious, I’m interested, I want to know what he’s like.”

Despite that he says he’s excited for a new experience.

Classes start at the University of Houston on Monday.