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Houston Matters

How Have Major ‘Paradigm Shifts’ Changed Houston And What’s Next?

We talk with Dr. Gene Preuss, professor at University of Houston-Downtown and professor Scott Sonenshein from Rice University about what major paradigm shifts would make Greater Houston a better place to live.


Recently, Mayor Sylvester Turner said he wants a "paradigm shift" in future transportation planning.

Setting aside the fact that it's a corporate-speak cliché, what other examples can you come up with of "paradigm shifts" that would make Greater Houston a better place to live – big, sweeping changes that Houston ought to undertake that would require dramatically rethinking long-held beliefs and expectations?

And is it even useful to dream so big, if, when reality sets in, you can't afford to do any of the things that vision calls for?

We talk with Dr. Gene Preuss, a history professor the University of Houston-Downtown, about major paradigm shifts in Houston and Texas history. And Rice University management professor Scott Sonenshein joins him to discuss the value of such big-picture thinking.

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