Party Politics, National Edition Ep. 17: Repeal, Replace, Re…Now What?

Where do we go from here?

Health care is a right

On this episode of Party Politics, co-hosts Jay Aiyer and Brandon Rottinghaus talk about these tumultuous topics in the week’s political news:

  • White House tax plan
  • Trump and Macron: the never-ending handshake
  • Trump lags on nominees
  • White House meeting with challengers to Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake

Then the profs dig into where we are with the Republican initiative formerly known as “Repeal and Replace,” (then simply, “Repeal,” and now, we’re pretty sure, is just going by a symbol or collection of emojis). By the way, don’t forget to listen to our weekly Texas-centered episodes, too!

Party Politics is produced by Dacia ClayEdel Howlin and Laura Lucas. Our audio engineer is usually Todd Hulslander but this week, it was Mark DiClaudio.