One Last Chance To Visit Lone Star Flight Museum’s Galveston Location

The Lone Star Flight Museum closes its doors in Galveston this weekend. A new $38 million facility at Ellington opens in September to take its place.

Historic aircraft from the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston will move to the museum’s new Ellington location next month.

This is one last chance to tour the Lone Star Flight Museum’s original Galveston location. Larry Gregory is the museum’s president and COO.

“Bittersweet day, in a way. We’ve enjoyed a great relationship down here in Galveston. We’ve felt like we’ve been a great part of the community and it’s just kind of a way for us to say thanks to all of our friends who want to stop by and visit us one last time before we shut the doors later that day.”

Much of the museum’s Galveston facility was damaged during Hurricane Ike, and the move to Houston allows it to take advantage of design and mission upgrades. There’s going to be 130,000 square feet of space at Ellington for its collection of historic aircraft, and the museum will increase its STEM education outreach in this new purpose-built facility.

“We will fly the airplanes up there in August — 15 of them, along with four or five aircraft that belong to other collections that will still be joining us up there at Ellington. So it will be a logistical task to get everything up there in a day or two.”

They’re selling all remaining items in the gift shop with Galveston on them, and there are drawings for rides in some of the planes in the collection, including the T-6 and the PT-19.


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