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Houston Matters

Is The Oil And Gas Industry At Odds With Energy Secretary Rick Perry?

We discuss whether Texas, the city of Houston, and the oil and gas industry are at odds with U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry.


Traditionally, the oil and gas industry has had a friendly relationship with Rick Perry, especially during his tenure as Governor of Texas where he focused on building up business in the state and diminishing regulations. Now, as the U.S. Energy Secretary, he has ordered the Department of Energy to see if certain sources of energy, like oil and gas, are being favored over sources like coal or nuclear power.

Now it seems that the oil and gas industry are at odds with Perry and might even now be comrades in arms with renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

To discuss the ramifications of this potential shift in dynamics and how it could play out in oil and gas-heavy Houston, we talk with Loren Steffy, author and writer-at-large for Texas Monthly and managing director for 30 Point Strategies.