Tropical Storm Cindy: The Houston Disaster That Wasn’t

As Houston receives minimal impact from Tropical Storm Cindy, Houstonians react on social media to “the storm that wasn’t”.

As Tropical Storm Cindy continues to move east, Houston appears to have been saved from the worst of the storm. 

Many of us spent our Wednesday stocking up on water and non-perishables at the grocery store, securing our potted plants indoors, and keeping an eye on the news for weather alerts as Cindy got ready to make an appearance. 

As it turns out, this was all for nothing. Houstonians woke up prepared to deal with flooded streets and windblown debris, but looked out their windows to find only rain-soaked sidewalks and maybe a knocked over lawn chair or two. 

It appears that, at least for the greater Houston area, this storm has brought nothing more than another rainy day. So we’ll all pull on our rain boots and head to work, seeing as offices are still open after just a slight rainfall. 

This morning, many took to social media to share their surprise and laughter as Tropical Storm Cindy turned out to be an over-hyped event for this area of the gulf. 




Waiting on Cindy to sleep in and skip work lol. #tropicalstormcindy #cindy #lol #houston #norain #nofun

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At least we have something to laugh about on this gloomy day. 

One thing is for sure, Houston knows how to prepare for severe weather. We’ll be ready with supplies and memes for the next storm that comes our way.