Houston Has Received Minimal Impact, But Tropical Storm Cindy Continues To Move East

Tropical Storm Cindy continues to move east. Houston remains largely untouched, but other gulf coast areas like Galveston and Louisiana are receiving a harsher impact.

After the first night of Tropical Storm Cindy’s landfall in the gulf coast, Houston has yet to experience dangerous levels of rain or flooding.

Tropical Storm Cindy has made minimal impact in the area so far. In a press conference Wednesday, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said being prepared is still important.

Fransico Sanchez, Harris County Emergency Operations Center spokesperson, stated “We certainly have been spared the worst part of tropical storm Cindy. I think this was generally a good exercise, not only for us to practice our plans, but also for the public to be reminded that it’s the start of hurricane season.”

Brian Kyle, a meteorologist with the national weather service, tells us this is a different type of storm that we’re used to seeing here in Southeast texas during the summer time.

“Usually you think of a tropical storm or hurricane as circular in nature and you think of an eye. This has stayed as a broad circulation for a long period of time and not well organized.”

There have also also been accounts of power outages in Texas due to the storm.

While Houston has remained safe, areas like Galveston are experiencing heavy downpours and some flooding. 

In southwest Louisiana, not far from where Cindy came ashore before dawn Thursday, motorists in trucks were driving through knee-high water in the streets.

Some other drivers, though, were pulling over Thursday morning and not attempting to navigate the flooded roads in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Some of the low-lying clouds were rotating, and gusty winds whipped across the landscape.

Tropical storm Cindy has halted oil production in parts of the Gulf. The federal Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement says companies have stopped 17% of oil production in the area.

Workers evacuated 40 oil and gas production platforms and one rig. Operators closed safety valves below the ocean floor to stop the release of oil or gas.

The Houston Ship Channel remains open today.