Senator Cornyn Defends Secrecy Of Health Care Bill Discussion

Senators are expecting copies of the health care bill Thursday that’s been drafted behind closed doors. Republican senators have been complaining about their party’s secretive plan, but Senator John Cornyn of Texas defends the secrecy.

The text of the bill is to be put on the internet, and it’s expected to be taken up by the full Senate next week. Senator John Cornyn says it’s unfortunate that health care has become such a partisan issue. He says that’s why the Senate committee has had to hammer out details behind closed doors.

“Unfortunately, due to the fact that Democrats will not participate in this process, but are actually hoping we fail, that we’re forced to deal with it in this manner. And it’ll be completely transparent, and there’ll be a wholesome debate and an unlimited amendments voted on.”

Senator Cornyn says there’s already been plenty of debate on the issue since 2010.

He says the new plan will stabilize insurance markets, will bring premium prices down, will continue current protections on pre-existing conditions, and will put Medicaid on a sustainable path.

Facing unanimous Democratic opposition, Republicans can only afford defections from two of their 52 senators to push the measure through the Senate next week.