Salvation Army Will Open New Homeless Shelter In Montgomery County

The new facility will have a maximum capacity of 128 individuals.

The homeless population has gone up in Montgomery County and the local Salvation Army shelter can’t keep up, so the organization is about to open a new one.

The current shelter is located in Conroe and can house a maximum of 44 individuals, but it is frequently over capacity.

“I do get reports that, that they are at full capacity,” notes Conroe Mayor Toby Powell.

The new shelter, which is officially called Wayne Bergstrom Center of Hope, will be located about four blocks from downtown Conroe.

Matt Crews, who chairs the Advisory Council for the Salvation Army in Montgomery County, explains that “there’s been a 30 percent increase in the homeless population in Montgomery County over the past five years.”

The new shelter will be 15,700 square foot and will accommodate 74 individuals, with the capacity to increase to 128 beds.

It includes four family rooms that will allow for lodging of, for instance, a single father or mother with a child.

Crews highlights that the upcoming facility is “more modern” than the old shelter and has “very distinct, separate areas for the men’s dormitory and the women’s and family dormitories.”

The Salvation Army plans to open the facility this summer.

Besides providing shelter, it will offer lunch and also serve as a warming and cooling facility during extreme weather.


Alvaro ‘Al’ Ortiz

Alvaro ‘Al’ Ortiz

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