Houstonians React To Photo Mosaic Of Skin Tones

An exhibition exploring the shades of race has landed at Houston’s Health Museum. We wanted to see how Houstonians are reacting to the mosaic.


When you enter the exhibit Humanae at The Health Museum you’re overwhelmed by well over two hundred images of diverse faces. Each image with a series of numbers and letters, assigning skin tones with color codes in the Pantone palette.

Brazilian artist Angélica Dass intended the photos to be a global exploration on skin tone… but some Houstonians like Vanessa Rhodes and Flavia Ward saw a reflection of themselves and their hometown.

“I guess I didn’t realize how many nuances in the different shades and colors,” said Vanessa Rhodes. “But I think it’s very reflective of the community I live in.”

“It’s good because I can see people that look like me. I can see people that look friends and look like my kids, so I think it’s amazing.” said Flavia Ward.

The ongoing photo series as a whole already contains more than 3,500 images. There are no classifications regarding nationality, gender, age, race, social class or religion. That stood out to James Wyatt.

“Honestly, it makes me think that aside from a name on a label on a Pantone color, we’re not that different.” said James Wyatt. “You can use a skin color for some vast classification but ultimately, it’s just that. It’s something on the outside.”

The exhibit is open until early September


Tomeka Weatherspoon

Tomeka Weatherspoon

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