Greater Houston Partnership Launches Innovation Strategy Office

It’s part of an effort to improve Houston’s startup culture.

The Greater Houston Partnership’s innovation strategy office is part of an effort to improve Houston’s startup culture.

The new office is part of an effort the Greater Houston Partnership started last year with its innovation roundtable.

Speaking on Houston Matters, Gina Luna, who chairs the roundtable, said they’re trying to improve Houston’s startup culture, “and we are launching the strategy office with the GHP to drive this 10-point strategy forward.” 

The plan was developed together with Accenture and the city of Houston’s innovation task force. It includes the creation of innovation districts, a marketing campaign and an initiative to attract more venture capital.

Ed Egan, director of the McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Rice University, said the problem is not that Houston is missing any institutions needed to drive innovation forward.

“I think we have nearly everything that we need,” he said. “Most of it is just more or less re-optimizing and bringing everything together.”

According to an Accenture report, Houston is strong in corporate innovation but ranks far behind other cities when it comes to the number of startups and venture capital.


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