Video: How To Think Like An Engineer, Chapter 1

Freshmen engineering students begin constructing their first prototypes — designs for clients like NASA and the Houston Zoo. No big deal.

We jump into an introductory-level engineering course at Rice University, where a group of freshmen are beginning to construct their first prototypes — designs for clients like NASA and the Houston Zoo.

No big deal.

In chapter number one of a two part video series, the students are racking their brains and working with easy-to-use craft materials in order to go quickly through their early ideas.

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Tomeka Weatherspoon

Tomeka Weatherspoon

Senior Producer

Tomeka Weatherspoon is an Emmy-award winning producer. She produces segments, the weekly television program Arts InSight, the short film showcase The Territory and a forthcoming digital series on innovation. Originally from the Midwest, Tomeka studied convergence journalism from the world’s first journalism school at the University of Missouri. She has...

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