City Of Houston Reinstalls Misplaced Freedmen’s Town Bricks

A contractor had torn into the historic bricks in Houston’s oldest African American neighborhood six months ago.


Back in November, a contractor doing utility work on Andrews Street accidentally tore into the historic brick street. About 200 of them were removed or damaged.

Historians believe the bricks were laid by slaves and their descendants more than 100 years ago.

Mayor Sylvester Turner said the city kept its promise to clean and reinstall the bricks.

“The intersection is complete and these historic bricks are being reinstalled without improved infrastructure,” he said.

City officials and preservationists then picked up the last bricks and placed them in the street.

Catherine Roberts, a leading voice in the preservation of the Freedmen’s Town bricks, considers the reinstallation a good first step.

“But it’s not (a) historically correct way to patch a historic street,” she said.

She and others continue to talk to the city about how to make utility repairs without disturbing the brick streets.



Florian Martin

Florian Martin

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