Gender Gap Evident In Houston Doctors’ Salaries

Female doctors in Houston earn significantly less than their male counterparts, according to a nationwide study.

Texas Medical Center, Houston

Houston’s female doctors on average make $106,315 dollars less per year than male physicians – or 71 cents for every dollar men earn.

That’s according to a comprehensive three-year study by medical network service Doximity.

Co-founder Dr. Nate Gross said they controlled for different factors, including tenure, hours worked and specialty.

“Even when we looked into some of the most unique possible niches, such as very particular sub-specialties, we would still find at least a 15 percent gap in compensation between women and men,” he said.

There is not one market in the U.S. where women made the same as or more than men.

Houston’s gap is the largest in Texas and ninth largest in the country.

Gross said the good news is that women now make up half of all medicine students in the nation, which should translate into more leadership positions.

“And there’ll be opportunities, I think, for data like this to contribute to changes to compensation across the profession,” he said.

Altogether, physicians in Houston have the fifth-highest salaries compared to other metropolitan areas, the study finds.



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