Senator Cruz Explains Lack Of Town Hall Meetings

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas reacts to having a challenger to his seat. Last week, a congressman from El Paso announced a bid for his seat, and at least one other politician has hinted at a possible run. Cruz took time out during a visit to a space contractor in Sugar Land to talk about it, and also about his preference to meeting with businesses rather than holding formal town hall meetings.

Senator Ted Cruz addresses employees of Atec, a Sugar Land-based NASA subcontractor.

Democratic Representative Beto O’Rourke is taking a page out of Cruz’s 2012 campaign playbook by announcing his bid early and taking a grassroots approach. Those are the methods Senator Cruz says worked best for him four years ago.

“You’ll recall nobody thought I had a prayer. Nobody thought we had any chance at all. All the money, all the institutional power in the state was opposed to us, and we saw an incredible grassroots army rise up.”

Senator Cruz doesn’t appear to be concerned with calls from constituents for town hall meetings. He says instead he’s spending his time with small businesses like Atec in Sugar Land. He toured the facilities of that NASA subcontractor, saying that jobs and economic growth are his priorities.

“And so I’m continuing to travel the state to hold gatherings like the one I just did here at Atec, a small business — meeting with Texans, listening to their concerns, answering their questions and fighting for them.” 

Senator Cruz chairs the Science and Space subcommittee and authored the bipartisan NASA authorization — the first one in seven years.

O’Rourke has little name recognition across Texas, which hasn’t elected a democrat statewide since 1994.


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