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UH Hosts Panel About Misconceptions of Islam

Students at the University of Houston are taking on the topic of extremism that targets Muslims.

A student-led campaign called “We to Me” is hosting a forum to clarify misconceptions about Islam associated with extremism.

Lea Hellmueller is a Global Journalism Professor at UH and wants people to become more informed about the religion.

“And I think the biggest problem and why people are afraid and have a strong sense of fear is the lack of knowledge about the actual religion,” says Hellmueller.

Hellmueller says that only a small fraction of extremist make up the Muslim community.

Felicia Perez will be moderating the conversation about countering extremism and thinks this is an important conversation to be had in Houston.

“There is so many different minds, so many different people, so many different views points that I think that Houston specifically, we can sit down and have a dialogue,” says Perez.

Imam Mubasher Ahmad works with the Muslim and Interfaith community in the city.

He believes religion should be taken out of the equation when targeting terrorism.

 “So to focus on the religion of Islam is kind of very disheartening,” says Ahmad.

The forum will be held on the UH campus tomorrow from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.