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April Is Autism Awareness Month: Sesame Street Names A New Character, And A Local School Helps Autistic Students Become Self Sustaining

Julia, a new Muppet on”Sesame Street,” Julia is different from the rest of the Muppets


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is diagnosed for individuals  with a variable developmental disorder that appears by age three and is characterized by impairment of the ability to form normal social relationships. Dr. Shawn Hirsch, a licensed psychologist from the Monarch School and Institute, a school that is committed to therapeutic education for individuals with neurological differences explains.  

The PBS series Sesame Street is debuting a new character named Julia, an autistic Muppet, Sesame Street can be seen on Houston Public Media PBS Kids programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week on TV 8.3.

Julia, a new autistic Muppet debuting on the 47th Season of “Sesame Street,” on Monday, April 10 on PBS and HBO. Zach Hyman/AP Photo

Being understanding to individuals that are diagnosed with autism,  is just part of the solution. Autistic individuals need  to be able to assimilate into communities. Director of Life Academy and Employability for the Monarch School, Robin Rettie, wants to ensure that her students are well equipped with life skills and are able to qualify for gainful employment enabling them to be self-sustaining.