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Clear Lake Residents Rally In Support Of Their Muslim Neighbors

It was in response to President Trump’s travel ban and rhetoric against Muslims.

Houston has seen its fair share of rallies and protests since Donald Trump became president.

But not so much in the suburbs – let alone a solidly Republican area.

Dozens of Clear Lake residents braved the rain and lined the street leading to the Clear Lake Islamic Center. They waved to the worshipers arriving for Friday prayers and held up signs with positive messages.

“We’re here to just stand up for being better informed about other people’s faiths,” said Bruce Beisner, pastor of Bay Area Unitarian Universalist Church, which organized the interfaith rally, “and understanding that in every religious tradition, there are a lot of really, really good people doing good things.”

Beisner said they’ve been to some rallies in Houston and wanted to do one closer to home, “because there are lots of folks here who support religious diversity and we have a very large Muslim community here in the Clear Lake area.”

Tarek Hussein, president of the Houston chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and a member of the Clear Lake Islamic Center, said he appreciates the gesture and called it the “true face of America.”

“These people represent true American values and principles, where we all are one under (the) Constitution,” he said.


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