Weekend Highway Closures Planned For I-45 And Highway 290

Expect a major freeway closure between Houston and Galveston on I-45 this weekend. Drivers can also expect closures on Highway 290’s eastbound connectors to 610.

Weekend closures: Highway 290 eastbound connectors to 610, north and south; Southbound lanes of I-45 from Scarsdale to NASA Bypass. Closures are from nine Friday evening through Monday morning at five.

The closure starts at nine this evening. Southbound lanes of I-45 will be closed from Scarsdale to NASA Bypass. Deidrea George is with the Texas Department of Transportation.

“There is going to be a large area that is closed, but once it is open, they will go from three to five main lanes.”  

Southbound drivers will exit at Scarsdale and travel the frontage road. The closing is for crews to complete striping, signage and other finishing work. It’s a busy section of the interstate, with a lot of traffic to Baybrook Mall as well as travelers headed to Galveston. George says the widening work will continue later this year, as I-45 is widened from six to eight lanes from NASA 1 to FM 518.

“They should actually be starting on that very soon. The next phase will pick up at 518, and eventually the plan is to widen I-45 all the way into Galveston County.”  

Weekend closures are also planned on Highway 290’s eastbound connectors to 610, north and south.

“And so, of course, we are advising motorists to expect delays, and we are strongly encouraging them to seek alternate routes.”  

The closures will be in effect until Monday morning at five