The First Week Of 2017 Starts With Severe Weather Hitting The Houston Region

No major damage was reported, but the strong winds knocked down some power lines.

Heavy storms and strong winds hit the Houston region early on Monday.

The heavy rain fell mostly on west and northwest Houston.

“We received reports of high water, as well as trees being down in roadways, all throughout the city. We did see some impact in The Heights area, in River Oaks. We also did have some reports closer to downtown,” said Michael Walter, a spokesman for the City of Houston’s Office of Emergency Management.

The Harris County Office of Emergency Management reported that the Katy area received almost an inch and a half of rainfall.

Although there was some street flooding, no homes were damaged but the strong winds knocked down some power lines and thousands of residents were without electricity during part of the day.

Francisco Sanchez, spokesman for the county’s Office of Emergency Management, noted that “we were very lucky that we didn’t have any flooding.”

“The bayous were able to handle that quite well,” added the county’s spokesman.

Sanchez also said the fact that the first week of 2017 started with severe weather is a good reminder to put together an emergency kit ready for the rest of the year.


Alvaro ‘Al’ Ortiz

Alvaro ‘Al’ Ortiz

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