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Electoral College Debate, Jobs and Robots, and Houston’s Municipalities: Tuesday’s Show (December 6, 2016)

Gene Green Upholds the Principle of Is it an idea whose time has come, or just sour grapes? After watching his Democrats lose two presidential elections in 16 years despite winning the popular vote, Congressman Gene Green of Houston wants to abolish the Electoral College. Rep. Green last month introduced legislation in the U.S. House calling for a Constitutional Amendment to do it.

Is he serious, or just fomenting anger from the left? And what would it take for the country to seriously consider such a change? We talk with Congressman Green about his proposal, and we also talk with associate professor of law Josh Blackman from South Texas College of Law Houston to discuss this proposal's potential..

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Are Robots Taking Our Jobs?

Over the past few decades, it's become increasingly apparent that technology is a double-edged sword, of sorts. On the one hand, it simplifies everyday tasks. But on the flip side, technology is advancing so rapidly that it could replace us in the workplace.

Moshe Vardi is a computer scientist at Rice University. He's been studying the field of artificial intelligence and automation for more than 30 years. Vardi tells Houston Matters’ Maggie Martin this question of whether machines are taking jobs away from us isn't a new one.

Landlocked Municipalities can Create Confusion for Houstonians

As you’re driving around parts of Greater Houston, perhaps you've seen signs indicating that you’re leaving or re-entering the Houston city limits. And if you happen to be somewhere inside the loop or the Beltway when that happens, , you've probably crossed into one of the numerous landlocked municipalities within the City of Houston that are technically small cities or villages unto themselves. Municipalities like West University Place, Hunters Creek Village, Bunker Hill Village, Pasadena or the city of South Houston.

How did Houston end up with these landlocked municipalities? What's their effect on the area around them and Greater Houston at large? To find out, Houston Matters’ Michael Hagerty talks with Jerry Wood, former deputy assistant director of the city of Houston's planning department.

Guitarist Jason Vieaux Visits With Classical Classroom's Dacia Clay

Grammy-winning guitarist Jason Vieaux will perform with Da Camera of Houston on Friday. He also spoke with Houston Public Media's Dacia Clay on this week's Classical Classroom podcast, along with his collaborator, bandoneon/accordion player Julien Labro. We hear highlights of their conversation.

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