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Election 2016

Reaction To Trump’s Win Varies Drastically Among Houstonians

“Shocked, stunned, and surprised” are words used by many to describe the presidential election results.



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It looked like 7:00 am on any other weekday at Houston's Medical Center as crowds of people in scrubs and white coats stepped out of the light rail trains and rushed to get to work on time.

Houston Public Media's Coverage of Election 2016

Houston Public Media’s Coverage of Election 2016

But some may have been a little more tired this morning.

"I stayed up all night and all through the morning," says Edward, who was sitting on a bench in Methodist Hospital's the valet drop-off area. He said he was glued to the TV all night to see how the presidential election would pan out and wasn't disappointed with the outcome. "Whatever happens has got to be better than what we had the last eight years," he says. "We needed a change. A real change, not the one Obama talked about where we're broke."

Others, such as Olivia Dewhart, didn't go to bed so happy. She also stayed up until the wee hours of the morning and says she's shocked by Trump's win. "After he criticized the women and talked about us like that... And talked about the Hispanic community (and) what he was going to do."

Walking briskly through the hospital lobby was a surgeon named Mike. (He didn't want to give his last name). He described the nation as being polarized, but was also diplomatic about the situation. "I actually voted for the other candidate," he says. "But I'm hoping that the country can pull together and be very successful under Trump.

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