Fishing Tournament Set On Brays Bayou To Control Invasive Species

A special fishing tournament takes place on Saturday along the Brays Bayou watershed. It’s an effort to improve a long-standing problem that impacts the health and quality of ecosystems in Houston’s bayous.

Harris County bayous.
Harris County bayous.

Asian grass carp and armored catfish have well-established populations in the Galveston Bay watershed, including Brays Bayou. But their presence is ecologically damaging to wetland waterways. The Inaugural Invasive Fish Round-Up & Carp-A-Thon is designed to help manage the predator fish population. Carolyn White with the Harris County Flood Control District says these fish eat plants that they’ve been trying to establish.

“Often we put wetland plants in there for storm water quality enhancements. Specifically at Willow Waterhole, we have some plants that we have to install to mitigate or compensate for loss of wetlands that were destroyed during construction of the Brays projects.”

White says the fishing event is set to begin Saturday morning.

“At the Willow Waterhole Greenway at the south end of South Post Oak Boulevard just outside the 610 Loop in the northwest part of the city of Houston. People can fish throughout the entire watershed, and then come back with their invasive fish species for weigh-ins and prizes.”

You must have a fishing license, or purchase one on the spot. There’s a $20 entry fee, although kids under 12 and seniors can fish free. Sign-in begins at eight.


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