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Sanders Supporters Going Green

The Green Party convention is underway on the University of Houston campus. It is attracting a lot of support from Democrats who voted for Bernie Sanders.


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As delegates checked in at the Student Activities Center on the University of Houston campus for the Green Party convention, you could almost hear chants for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Netra Halperin was a DNC delegate in Philadelphia, but she's in Houston as a self-proclaimed refugee from the Democratic Party following Sanders defeat.

Houston Public Media's Coverage of Election 2016

Houston Public Media’s Coverage of Election 2016

Halperin says, "I organized in collaboration with the Jill Stein (Green Party presumptive nominee) campaign that Bernie Sanders delegates held up Jill Stein signs when Hillary accepted her nomination."

Several delegates said they feel Clinton stole the Democratic Nomination and they're looking for a viable alternative. The question is, Is the Green Party a practical option? Chris, a Sanders campaign volunteer from Florida is not so sure.

"Is the Green Party willing to assume power? I don't think that they can represent that they could assume power, if they win the Presidency," he says.

The concern for those that supported Sanders is that Green Party lacks the infrastructure necessary to compete nationally. Jack Wagner is a "green" politician from California. He thinks a success starts on the local level.

"It really gets back to empowering individuals to pursue offices that are good fits for them, get elected and the more we can do that with people who happen to be "green" the stronger the Green Party will become," he says.

David Wager is the treasurer of the Harris County Green Party. He hopes the party can build interest for candidates here in Houston.

"It behooves us to try and build that local infrastructure and have some candidates that meet peoples’ needs in different communities around town," Wager says.

While there have been Green Party candidates elected to local and state office, the party is still looking for its first candidate to federal office.