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Blue Bell Introduces New Flavor

To celebrate National Ice Cream Month, Brenham-based Blue Bell Ice Cream is introducing a new flavor.

Cookie Two Step
From Blue Bell Ice Cream tweet
Cookie Two Step

Ice cream lovers can thank President Ronald Reagan for creating National Ice Cream Month, and National Ice Cream Day — which is this Sunday. To celebrate the 32-year old tradition, Brenham-based Blue Bell Ice Cream is introducing a new flavor, Cookie Two Step.

According to Joe Robertson, manager of advertising and public relations with Blue Bell, “The new flavor is a combination of two of our really popular flavors. Cookies n' cream, and then cookie dough pieces."

He adds that the company introduces four to six new flavors every year, with one in time for National Ice Cream Day.

How long a the new Cookie Two-step stays on grocery store shelves is entirely up to customers. "It's kind of consumer demand and consumer thoughts on that that dictate what we do," says Robertson.

Blue Bell is still working to overcome a halt in production last year after multiple cases of food-borne illness. For some customers, that absence gave other brands an opportunity to earn favored status.

Dorothy Holloway says her allegiance has changed. "When Blue Bell was gone you know for a while, I tried HEB, and I like it better. I like the flavors. I really, they lost me and I tried Kroger's and I tried a whole bunch more while they were gone, and [HEB] is the best." said Holloway.

For loyal Blue Bell fans, Robertson says 50 of the 62 flavors the company was making are back on the shelf.

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