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Houston Parents Sue HISD Over Removal Of Confederate-Linked Names

The attorney for the plaintiffs says HISD board violated district and state rules.

A group of Houston parents and alumni have taken their fight over new school names to the courts. They filed a lawsuit Thursday against the Houston Independent School District over the removal of Confederate-linked names at eight schools.

“This is just a slight window into the world of mismanagement in HISD,” says plaintiff and parent Adrienne Murry. “We've done everything we can to talk to the administration, to talk about reason and to talk about what is really important to these children.”

Murry believes it is important to keep the name of her child's school as Sidney Lanier Middle School.

The attorney for the plaintiffs, Danny Goforth, says HISD board violated district and state rules.

“We're not saying they can't do,” Goforth says. “We're saying they can't do it the way that they wanted to do it, and we intend to do everything that we can to ask the judge to enter an injunction making them go back and do it all over again.”

A spokeswoman for HISD declined to comment on the lawsuit. The district has estimated the name changes will cost about $2 million.