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South Texas College Of Law Has New Name: Houston College of Law

The school’s dean believes that the name change will raise its regional and national profile.

Back in the 1920s, the South Texas College of Law started as a night school, with a classroom for budding attorneys in the basement of the downtown YMCA. The school has grown a lot over the last 93 years. And now it has a new name: Houston College of Law.

President and Dean Don Guter said that the new brand will help the school get more recognition and applicants.

“We’re happy to be going in this direction. We think it absolutely will increase both our regional and national profile. And people will know where we are, downtown Houston,” he said in an interview.

The process started four years ago when the law school hired a marketing research firm.

They surveyed people and found out that the South Texas College of Law had a 2-percent name recognition nationally. The firm also consulted with alumni, students, faculty and members of the legal community on the new brand.

As for the cost, Guter said that a lot of the changes, such as the brand research and new website, have already been budgeted and noted that it hasn’t triggered a tuition increase.

“I feel safe in saying we haven’t spent $35,000 to $40,000 extra over anything we would have spent anyway. And so the biggest cost that we see going forward is changing the external signage,” he said.

The new name goes into effect immediately, but not everyone is happy about it.

The University of Houston released a statement, saying it’s concerned about the “significant confusion” between its own University of Houston Law Center and the newly branded school.

UH said that it will “will take any and all appropriate legal actions to protect the interests of our institution, our brand and our standing in the communities we serve.”


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