Update: North Harris County Woman Dies After Large Tree Crashes Into Mobile Home; NWS Says Tornado Hit Willow Path/Tomball Area

The storm that impacted the area knocked down a tree that fell on top of her home.

Update from the National Weather Service:

An NWS damage survey team found a less than one half mile damage path on Wednesday near Willow Path/Tomball from an early morning tornado. Numerous large pine trees were uprooted as a result of the tornado, with several falling on homes. Max winds were estimated at 70 MPH

The storms that hit the northern part of Harris County early on Wednesday morning brought considerable damage to Willow Oaks trailer park, a mobile home subdivision near Tomball, and caused one fatality.

David Bessolo, chief with the Klein Volunteer Fire Department, reported the victim was an “elderly woman,” but the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office hasn’t released her identity so far.

Neighbors say she lived alone.

Robert Gonzalez, who has lived at Willow Oaks for more than 30 years, said the storm and the strong winds hit them around 4:30 am.

“When I looked through the window I see everything flying everywhere. So, we got into the closet, man, and my wife just started praying and about a couple minutes later, you know about five minutes later, it stopped, but when I come outside it was just destruction everywhere,” explained Gonzalez.

Another resident of the trailer park was injured, although he was in stable condition when he was transported to the hospital, according to the Klein Fire Department.

The strong winds caused trees to fall into several homes causing extensive damage to about a dozen of them.

Bessolo noted it has been a long time since that part of Harris County has seen this kind of damage. “In the mid-1980s we had tornadoes come through with similar damage, but it’s been a long time.”

Residents of the trailer park said the storm, which also caused power outages in the Spring area, felt like a tornado.



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