Plaintiff In Term Limits Case Against Houston Gains Strong Ally

A lawyer with a pretty good track record against the city has joined in on the lawsuit over the city of Houston’s referendum to change term limits.

Andy Taylor had a successful year against the city of Houston last year.

Three times the Texas Supreme Court agreed with the election lawyer over ballot disputes — two of them had to do with the now defunct equal rights ordinance and one with a citywide drainage fee for Houston property owners.

Taylor has now filed an intervention in the lawsuit alleging misleading ballot language in last November’s referendum.

The measure extended the time elected officials can serve. The plaintiffs argue it sounded like it would reduce it.

“I think what we’re bringing to the table is financial support, lawyer support and certainly moral support to what we think is a worthy cause,” Taylor said.

He filed the intervention on behalf of Jim Scarborough, whom he calls a “concerned citizen.” The original suit is brought by Phillip Bryant.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said he’s not concerned about Taylor’s involvement in the case.

“I think Houstonians knew what they were doing, but we’ll let them proceed,” he said. “Anybody has the right if you can get you a lawyer or get you a client and you can go to the courthouse.”

The city has filed a motion to dismiss the suit because it says the plaintiffs failed to serve them in time.

A hearing on that motion and the intervention will be set soon.


Florian Martin

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