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Early Voting For The 2016 Primary Elections Starts In Texas

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A man participates in the first day of early voting in Texas on February 16th 2016 at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center, located in Midtown Houston.

Early voting for the Texas primary election started this week with many races on the ballot, including those for Presidential candidates.

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This year, there are 42 early voting locations in Harris County.

For attorney Jason Lawrence, who is a regular at early voting, the bottom line is being pragmatic.

“You don’t have to wait in line, number one, on the day of the election or primary and it’s really just a matter of ease and access,” says Lawrence.

For others, voting before the general election is not necessarily set in stone.

That’s what happens with Houston resident Terry Ivy and his wife.

Ivy explains they exercise their right to vote early “whenever it’s convenient for us.”

For retiree Bobbie Nau, there is a double motivation to vote early.

“I do a lot of travelling and you never know what the weather is gonna be like on that Tuesday. So it’s just convenient,” comments Nau.

According to the office of Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart, 52 percent of the votes counted in our county in the 2012 primary elections were cast during early voting.

Stanart encourages casting ballots early, but also reminds voters about an important rule for primary elections in our state.

“When you vote in a primary,” Stanart notes, “you are establishing which party you are affiliating with. So, once you’ve voted in one party’s primary you cannot go vote in the other one.”

Texans have to show a photo ID at voting locations.

There are seven options, including a driver’s license, a military ID and a United States passport.

Early voting ends on February 26th.

Early Voting Locations