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MATCH Illuminates Lunar New Year Exhibit

The venue is giving unique opportunities to ethnic arts groups in Greater Houston.

Lion dance props at Teo Chew temple
Inside the storage room at the Teo Chew temple, where the dance troupe keeps their lion dance props

This weekend marks the official grand opening of the MATCH and they’re booked with performances. But adjacent to those three theaters, a gallery space is shining a light on the upcoming Lunar New Year.

It’s part of Houston Arts Alliance’s Folklife Winter Celebrations program, which brings attention to Houston’s ethnic communities.  

“MATCH provided many different possibilities,” says Houston Arts Alliance’s Pat Jasper, who’s the event’s organizer. “And that’s what led us to this notion of doing each program as a kind of installation.”

That’s why they’re able to include music, dance, and multimedia elements within the gallery.

Exhibits like this are meant to encourage Houston’s different cultures to learn more about each other. This one explains the significance of the Lunar New Year to the Chinese and Vietnamese populations.  

“To us, the new year is the start of the opportunities for everything,” says Randy Lam, Secretary General of the Texas Teo Chew Association. “Lunar new year is a very, very big event of the year — on top of every other occasion.”

A free event for Folklife’s Lunar New Year exhibition is Thursday, January 14th, from 6-8 p.m. It’ll include a lion dance by the Teo Chew dance troupe, music, and food. They’re also offering free haircuts and shoe shines, which are two common customs practiced ahead of each Lunar New Year.

This video takes a deeper look into the Lunar New Year




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