Houston Police Arrest City Worker In Fatal Shooting Of Supervisor

Investigators are trying to determine what sparked the argument and the shooting in the victim’s office.

outside crime scene photo
HPD officers marked the perimeter of the crime scene with the traditional “Do Not Cross” yellow tape at the entrance to the Charles R. Idlebird Southeast Service Center where the shooting happened on Monday morning.

A City of Houston supervisor was shot to death yesterday at a waste management facility located in the southeast part of town. The suspect is a coworker of the victim. 

Houston Police arrested Tyrone Auzenne, 43 years old, in the parking lot of the facility as he was exiting the main building carrying a pistol. 

“The two men apparently had had some type of disagreement or argument earlier in their shift,” said John Cannon, a spokesman for HPD. “They both report to work around 6:00 a.m. and the shooting happened at about 9:30 a.m.. So, sometime in that three hour plus window, there had been a disagreement and it might have led to the shooting incident itself.”

The HPD spokesman added the shooting took place while the suspect and the victim were inside his office. 

Investigators are trying to determine if that firearm was the same one the suspect used to kill the victim.

“We know, according to witnesses, that more than one gunshot was fired. So, it will be up to the medical examiner’s office to determine where and how many times the victim was wounded,” Cannon said. 

Auzenne is expected to be charged with murder tonight.


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