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Sylvester Turner And Bill King Get More Endorsements In The Race For Houston Mayor

Former Mayor Lee Brown is supporting Turner and King has received the endorsement of popular businessman Jim McIngvale.


Headshots for Turner and King
Sylvester Turner and Bill King.

The runoff election for Houston mayor is December 12th and the candidates keep getting new endorsements.

Sylvester Turner just announced the support of former Houston Mayor Lee Brown, whileKing was endorsed by popular businessmanJim McIngvale.

McIngvale and Brown join a list of supporters who — in the case of King — also includes former opponent Chris Bell.

Meanwhile, former Harris County Sheriff and Houston City Council member Adrian Garcia favors Turner.

Jon Taylor, chair of the political science department at the University of St. Thomas,says at this point almost every voter knows what King and Turner stand for but these announcements can still be relevant.

"They’re important in the sense that, you know, if you rack up multiple endorsements it demonstrates your viability, it demonstrates that, you know, there’s a bandwagon effect that people are moving toward your side," notes Taylor.

Taylor also underlinesresearch has found that endorsements made after a general election do not influence the voters that much.

That rationale applies to Rodney Johnson, a 50 year-old beer distributor who works inHouston.

"I made my mind up when I voted in the general election, so I’m not gonna change it because somebody else, you know, gave the endorsement for one candidate or the other,"Johnson says.

The runoff election is on December 12th and early voting starts Wednesday.


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