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Michael Strahan’s Rules To ‘Wake Up Happy’

Morning TV personality and Houston-native, Michael Strahan shares his lessons learned for a happy and prosperous life.



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Michael Strahan book cover
Michael Strahan’s new book.

You may know Michael Strahan as an NFL star and a well-known TV talk show host.

But what you may not know is that the native Houstonian struggled while playing football in Texas because he worried about where his life would lead him.

So how did he make the transition from becoming an NFL prospect at Texas Southern University to now a member of the press?

His new book, "Wake Up Happy: The Dream Big, Win Big Guide To Transforming Your Life," is a playbook of its own, packed with 18 of "Strahan's Rules" to live by, with each rule providing a quick glimpse into his own life and career experiences.

And he's had a plethora of experiences: co-host of ABC's LIVE with Kelly & Michael, sports analyst for NFL on FOX, special co-host for ABC's Good Morning America, his own clothing line with J.C. Penny, co-founder of a management, branding and production company, not to mention a father of four.

He makes the transition from being a super star athlete to an award-winning broadcaster seem simple.

But Strahan says, writing this book was not only therapeutic but also necessary.

"This was more personal," Strahan says. "I talk about some things that I necessarily don't talk about: relationships, being married, and that not working, and your kids – after I did the audio book and I'm reading it and I'm thinking to myself, man did I really put that out there, but it's almost as if I had to."

The former Texas Southern All-American also shares details about what it was like playing football in Texas and how his 15-year career as a defensive end with the New York Giants led him in the NFL Hall of Fame, the sport's highest honor.

"I remember being in college and when it was tough in college, and I wasn't sure where it was leading to as far as sports or anything like that," says the seven-time Pro Bowler. "But being there making the most out of every day and working as hard as I could and then all of a sudden it paid off, and that's how life is – the harder you work, the luckier you'll get – and those things that you've been striving for, they're going to come your way."

Strahan says, "Wake Up Happy" offers up a generous dose of practical, yet honest, thoughtful advice to help readers pursue their own dreams in life, but he says the journey won't be easy – referring to Rule #17 – which says, "There's more power in your attitude than in your bank account."

"I've tried my best to be authentic and I have this space in my teeth," acknowledges Strahan. "I think that space in your teeth says: ‘Hey, this is somebody who doesn't want to be perfect,' and who's comfortable with not being perfect; because when the world is imperfect, then so are we – so don't be afraid to be who you are."

He will appear at a Barnes & Noble in River Oaks this week for a book signing.

Michael Strahan
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